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Here you'll find answers to FAQs; for any other questions you might have, please feel free to contact us today.
Who is Laine designed for?

Laine is designed to help direct-to-consumer brands in the $1-50M+ ecommerce revenue range; we support leadership teams and marketing teams with cutting through their marketing data, quickly identifying growth priorities, and informing strategic decision-making. ​

Does Laine focus on brands in specific industries?​

Laine works with all types of direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands. However, we have gotten early traction with brands in the beauty, fashion, home goods, fitness, and food/beverage industries and will be focusing first on these industries as we begin folding industry-specific benchmarks into the app.​

How is Laine different from other MarTech platforms?​

Laine goes beyond the dashboard to get to the insights and recommendations, to tell you the story of what is going on with your business in words. Laine is also a holistic and unbiased platform that will tell you where to optimize short term without overlooking a strategic long-term opportunity. We help you see across all your efforts (paid, earned, owned) to understand what’s TRULY working, how that compares to others, and where to prioritize.​

What data does Laine use?​

Laine captures data from all major marketing channels including Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Display, Criteo, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, AdRoll, TikTok, Klaviyo. Our sales data is primarily pulled in through Shopify.​ We currently integrate directly with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram, with more integrations coming soon.​

How frequently is the data updated?​

Channel data is updated at the start of each week to give you a clear recap of what happened the week before and where to go next. Certain diagnostics such as our Aurora Growth Score are refreshed on a monthly basis to give a more aggregate view of your performance.​

What kind of attribution do you use?​

We are currently building a proprietary attribution pixel to capture a holistic view of all touchpoints that drive purchases to use as a check against GA4 attribution – which we know can be heavily biased!

​The attribution model we deploy will be a combination of linear and time decay models, with the aim to move towards a DDA model as we further understand platform incrementality (which is part of our longer term roadmap).

What other features are in Laine’s product roadmap?​

We continue to work every day on building new features and module so that Laine can help customers across a range of their strategic and growth marketing needs. New features and modules coming soon include our proprietary attribution pixel, funnel performance, and product level insights – schedule a free demo to learn more!​

How is Laine related to Bain & Company? ​

Laine is a member of the Bain & Company Founder’s Studio, a venture studio providing thought leadership, support, and capital to a portfolio of promising B2B software ventures. Laine collects input from some of the biggest marketing thought leaders and experts within Bain & Company to help shape and design key modules.​